What Is A Safe Sex Toy?

When we are talking about sex toy safety we do not mean putting seat belts or helmets on your favorite vibrator.

There are thousands and thousands of sex toys being sold every day but most of them are not very nice to your body because they are made with cheap and sometimes toxic materials that contain chemicals like Phthalates. Many of these cheap sex toys are made in China where they don’t pay that much attention to the material they put inside the dildos, vibrators, butt plugs.

It can be hard to tell which toys are safe and which are not so the goal of this website is to enlighten you about all the wonderful Body Safe Sex Toys that are available as alternatives. Body Safe Sex Toys are generally more expensive then the Chinese made toys but they also tend to last much longer because they are made with love and care.

List Of Body Safe Sex Toy Materials

    Stainless Steel
    Glass / Pyrex

That is all the different types of Sex Toy materials I can think of right now. Know of any more? Drop a line in the comment section below.

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